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Learn From My Many Gardening Mistakes

•, By Sarah Anne Carter

 I can speak from experience when I say there is a lot to learn and you will make a lot of gardening mistakes. Better to make them now when your world is pretty stable than when you're just trying to survive day by day following a worst case scenario.

If you count my first year (which I often don't), this will be my fourth year gardening. In those three years of growing and trying to grow food, I have made a lot of mistakes. I am very glad for each and every one of those mistakes, because otherwise, I would not have found out what I didn't yet know. Let me share those mistakes with you and maybe you can avoid them!

Year 1 Gardening Mistakes

Where to begin?

I planted too much.

The bed was too big.

I started all the seeds on the same day.

There wasn't enough water.

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