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Scientists Now Argue Merits Of Spraying Aerosols Into Atmosphere To Cool Is OK

• By Cheyenne Macdonald

As the world grapples with different strategies to mitigate the warming climate, few have sparked such controversy in recent times as solar geoengineering.

The proposed plan would use aerosols, fired into the stratosphere with high-flying aircraft, to cool the planet by blocking radiation from the sun.

It would essentially mimic the effects seen after volcanic eruptions – but, an analysis published at the beginning of this year warned that the approach could have grave consequences.

If the plan to artificially cool Earth were abruptly stopped, the experts warned it could trigger extreme warming at rates far more dramatic than the current climate is changing, in a phenomenon known as the 'termination shock.'

But now, some scientists have hit back, arguing that the risk might not be as it seems.