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• Adam Kokesh

When I was in jail for civil disobedience and surrounded by all the great libertarian books that friends had sent me, I realized that we needed one ultimate conversion tool. So I combined all of their best features into one, easy-to-read, 100-page proclamation of FREEDOM! Thanks to the hundreds of people who helped in the editing process, we succeeded in creating the most effective method to fully wake people up in a way that they never want to go back to sleep. The book is now in its third printing and has been downloaded over three million times. Thanks to the many people who have read and promoted it, we've been able to do three national tours, giving away FREEDOM! for free. You can get it free in every digital format, including audiobook at




Because it's just 100 pages, quantities over 100,000 can be printed for about $0.30 each, and delivered for about $0.30 each. That's a mere $0.60 to deliver a copy of FREEDOM! So we need just $122,145 to put a copy in every residential mailbox in New Orleans (about 205,000) all at the same time, just before the Libertarian National Convention there, June 30th - July 3rd. Any money raised over that will go towards promotion. All funds earned by this post on Steemit and all project updates here will go towards the book bomb. (You can see the complete budget and estimates from the printer and the direct mail company below.)


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The front cover will include a letter describing our campaign to dissolve the federal government. It thanks and promotes the communities that have encouraged this project and made it possible:, and the Libertarian Party. You can read the letter below. We will also do everything we can to make sure that when the books arrive, everyone will know that everyone else in the city just got one. If we don't raise more money than just enough for printing and delivery, we will still do a media blitz and as much guerilla activism as possible to reach New Orleans residents. When we show that this can be done in one city, it's only a matter of time before we can do more cities, and eventually the entire world as necessary.


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To fund this project, I'm offering the following sponsorships:

Historic Sponsorship: $3,000
Your contribution will cover the delivery of 5,000 copies of FREEDOM! You will also get your name and your website placed on the title page of the book, inside the front cover. You get to add your name to this unique piece of history plus all the perks of the Millennial Sponsorship.

NOTE: Getting your information in the book is only possible if funds are received before the deadline for samples on March 25th. See below for how it will appear and the schedule. You can see the space that is available for Historic Sponsors, and if you want more than one line, you can put whatever you like in the space and email me to work out the details.

Millennial Sponsorship: $700
Your contribution will cover the delivery of over 1,000 copies of FREEDOM! You will get four tickets to our thank you party in New Orleans on Independence Day. I will also send you a signed copy of this special edition of the book, plus a FREEDOM! lapel pin, lighter, and sticker.

Centennial Sponsorship: $70
Your contribution will cover the delivery of over 100 copies of FREEDOM! You will get one ticket to our thank you party in New Orleans on Independence Day. I will also send you a signed copy of this special edition of the book.

Funds raised over the cost of printing and shipping will go to promotion around the book bomb up to $30k and the rest will rollover to the fund for the next city or go towards distributing free copies of FREEDOM! by others means. All funds raised and spent will be publicly announced here as the project progresses.

Paypal: Click here to pay by card or Paypal, or simply send payment to You can email to confirm address and sponsorship information or just include it with your PayPal payment.

Cryptocurrency: You can pay by the following cryptos and send me an email at with your transaction information and mailing address. (Always happy to add more at your request.)

BTC: 143AMXfgSRoiC74651LycfA9hzW1rKbTZ2

BCH: qzwwdl4dwu8rls0qtjcwyauzm48dt2t6uqhdqezgt6

DASH: XxPJxuSe9VsqzUH1CktucGZb9x8go6cQgE

SBD: @adamkokesh

ETH: 0xb5eaf38fc268a0128421440aa5156963c4f7d8ff

LTC: LXZvcYDcc1W4WKXs6tWypgM7gPT5PjEe19

XMR: 49L1fURVSaEAPtcsPq1DQsYdVzax7sqcZbRzrodyjtG2TiSWR8ysrBXWbwaVe4vUMveKAzAiA4j8xgUi29TpKXpm43JLq6K


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Announce March 14th
Close fundraising March 25th
Order samples March 26th
Samples arrive (10 days max) April 5th
Order books April 6th ($59,345/2=$29.7k due)
Books printed by (22 days max) April 28th $29.7k due
Books arrive in SF (20 days) May 18th
Customs delay no more than one week, released May 25th $1K for trucking
Shipping to Sacramento May 26th $82k due
Address/postage printing (7 days max) June 3rd
Arrive New Orleans (3 days) June 6th
Delivery complete (7 days max) June 14th

Samples: $300.
Printing and shipping: $59,345
Truck from San Francisco to Sacramento: approximately $1,000
Bulk Mailer: $61,500
TOTAL: $122,145

There may be an additional charge for customs which I will add to this budget when we find out exactly what it is.

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