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Thiel: Bullish On Bitcoin, Trump, & Musk; Bearish On AI, EU & Political Correctness

•, Tyler Durden

Early in the discussion, Bartiromo asked Thiel – who famously opened for Trump at the Republican National Convention – what he thought about Trump's performance.

In response, he explained that he's extremely happy with the president's performance during his first year in office. While the media has been hyperfixated on the latest leak from the Russia probe, Trump has quietly been slashing regulations and questioning orthodoxies like the economic benefits of free trade.

"That's why, if he runs again, he will be reelected," Thiel said.

Though "it's probably the case that Democrats will do quite well in the midterms."

He also pointed out the irony that people in the Bay Area describe him as a "contrarian" for supporting Trump…

"Supporting Trump was the least contrarian thing I ever did…nearly half the country voted for him. But within the context of Silicon Valley it was viewed as extremely contrarian."

"The one thing that I liked about Trump and still very much like about him is a willingness to ask questions and to reframe the debate and not be bound by these strictures.

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