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UK Police Chiefs Dropped Grooming Gang Rape Cases Because It Was...

•, UK Mirror

Telford, England: Three police officers who investigated rape and pimping scandal of underage British girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men revealed that their superiors dropped the cases because the chiefs said it "was too much trouble".  Social workers often ignored complaints, and one of the chiefs said that the cases were dropped to save the children from having to testify in court. Medical professionals are accused of failing to question why underage girls were having abortions, miscarriages, and taking the morning-after pill. [To fully understand this story, it is necessary to know that most of these girls were teens who were lured into the sex rings and later brutalized and threatened into silence.  British tolerance of prostitution may have added to the lackluster response by police and medical professionals.  The British government is obsessed with protecting the public image of immigrant criminals.] -GEG

Three police officers who investigated child sex abuse in Telford have revealed just how the victims were failed.

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