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PureVPN puts privacy on steroids


That's why so many people are turning to VPNs for some extra security, but not all are created equal. So, what features should you look for when considering the multitude of VPN options out there?

If privacy is the main reason for turning to a VPN, it can kind of defeat the purpose if said VPN is keeping a record, or log, of your online activities. Some logs will simply record things like the amount of data being transferred, your IP address and the IP address assigned to you by the VPN server. They're generally used for troubleshooting and don't raise a lot of privacy concerns.

PureVPN protects your online privacy

But browsing or usage logs on the other hand, can store a wide variety of data, such as the websites you've visited, the files you've downloaded, and whether you've used Bittorent or a streaming service like Netflix.

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