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Someone remind the anti-gun mob: The Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment...


(Natural News) This article is part of a series of short, philosophical observations about the recent anti-gun hysteria and media PSYOP that exploits children to demand their own enslavement under authoritarianism.

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The Second Amendment was created to ensure that individuals have the right to protect themselves from irrational mobs

What the anti-gun mindless mobs don't seem to yet recognize is that the Second Amendment was created, in part, to allow citizens to protect themselves from mindless mobs just like you.

That's because America is not a democracy. It's a Constitutional Republic, and in a Constitutional Republic, the will of the mob cannot override the liberties of the individual, no matter how enraged, insane, clueless or stupid the mob becomes. (And today's anti-gun mob is clearly pushing the limits of stupidity and irrationality, by any measure.)

The current mob of mindless anti-gun protesters believe that if they all just get angry enough and spout enough profanity, the intensity of their emotional state somehow overrides everybody else's individual liberties. This is why their fascist front-man — student propagandist David Hogg — is a foul-mouthed, hate-filled lunatic who spews endless f##ktardery while claiming anyone who opposes him want to "murder children." (All these anti-gun leftists, for the record, quite openly advocate murdering children as long as they're not yet born.)

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