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Star Wars-inspired home is all about the view


Australia's Austin Maynard Architects recently completed a modern family house that's focused on ensuring a great view from practically everywhere inside. The home also draws inspiration from Star Wars gadgetry and features a degree of sustainable design, including passive cooling to reduce the use of air-conditioning and recycled building materials.

Australia's Austin Maynard Architects was commissioned to build a new home with an ocean view in...

Greenacres is located on a sloping plot close to a cliff overlooking the ocean and city...

There was already a dilapidated home on the property but it couldn't be saved so Austin...

Greenacres' upper area is inspired by the Macrobinoculars Luke Skywalker used in The Empire Strikes Back

Greenacres is located on a sloping plot overlooking the ocean and the city of Newcastle, New South Wales. It replaces a house already on the property that was deemed too dilapidated to work with.

The home's most eye-catching aspect is its raised white main living space, which is inspired by the Macrobinoculars Luke Skywalker used in The Empire Strikes Back and conceived as a lens framing the scenery below. You'd be forgiven for missing the reference though, it's pretty obscure compared to Moon Hoon's Star Wars House. This raised area juts out from a brick base and is supported by three steel beams likened to paperclips by the firm.

Ensuring great views from inside was the main focus of the project, though Austin Maynard Architects was also careful not to ruin the neighbors' views.

"At Greenacres Austin Maynard Architects not only captured the view from the living space, but also from the rear of the building and every space in between," says the firm. "Careful design thought ensured the house didn't get in the way of its own view. The deliberate transparency means that even whilst sitting in the back garden or working from the study in the master bedroom, you can still see the ocean. Even in the very last room on the block, the shower, through the rear garden, and through the house there are unimpeded views of the ocean to the right, and the city to the left."

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