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Before Trump-Kim Summit, North Korea Begs U.S. For Nicer Treatment


Diplomatic ties between North Korea and the United States remain tenuous in spite of the anticipated meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. In the mean time, North Korea is hoping that they can gain more concessions from the administration.

According to a Reuters report, the director of North Korea's National Reunification Institute wants the United States to get serious about peace talks.

"The United States should properly understand our position and come out in a manner of sincere and serious attitude for positively contributing to maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula," Ri Jong Hyok said.

Ri, who also serves as the deputy head of the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly, claims that his country only seeks a "just and peaceful new world, free from aggression and war." The many reports of massive human rights abuses emanating from the so-called People's Republic are at odds with Ri's claims.

"Now is the high time to put an end to the U.S. anachronistic [anti-North Korean] hostile policy and its futile moves of sanctions and pressure," Ri said.

Any hopes for an end to sanctions or a more friendly approach to dealing with North Korea seemingly went out the door with Trump's appointment of new national security advisor, John Bolton. Bolton is one of the biggest foreign policy hawks in existence, and has frequently called for preemptive strikes against North Korea.