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Saudi Crown Prince Admits to Mainstream Media That Saudis 'Financed Terrorist Groups'


The Saudi crown prince is admitting that "there are people from Saudi Arabia who financed terrorist groups," days after a judge ruled that the families of 9/11 victims can move forward with their lawsuit against the kingdom.

In the days after a judge ruled that there is enough evidence for a lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims against Saudi Arabia to move forward, the kingdom's most powerful monarch is admitting that the Saudis are responsible for sponsoring terrorism.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Prince Mohammed bin Salman was asked to comment on his country's role in providing material support to terrorists. Salman denied any notion the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia funded terrorist groups.

"When it comes to financing extremist groups, I challenge anyone if he can bring any evidence that the Saudi government financed terrorist groups," he said.

But in a surprising admission to what the families of 9/11 victims have alleged in federal court, Salman issued a stunning revelation:

"Yes, there are people from Saudi Arabia who financed terrorist groups."

However, Salman also said funding terrorists is still against the law in Saudi Arabia. "This is against Saudi law," he said. "We have a lot of people in jail now, not only for financing terrorist groups but even for supporting them."

The prince then turned his attention to the subject of his country's seige of Qatar. In 2017, Qatar was the recipient of a Saudi-led blockade, which Amnesty International claimed was having dire consequences. The blockade has been, "splitting up families, interrupting students' education, threatening jobs, raising prices of staple foods in Qatar, and leaving residents of the region facing an uncertain future."

Salman went into great detail to reveal why Saudi Arabia's blockade of Qatar has been put into effect. He alleged Qatar is funneling funds to groups that threaten the national security of Saudi Arabia.

"One of the reasons we have a problem with Qatar is that we are not allowing them to use the financial system between us to collect money from Saudis and give it to extremist organizations," Salman said.

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