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Synthetic diamonds are in jewelry stores for about 40% lower cost


Ada Diamonds offers only laboratory-grown diamonds in our fine jewelry. Ada's sustainably cultured diamonds have the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as mined diamond.

Ada's gemstones are graded on the exact same criteria as mined diamonds (the Four Cs), by the same independent gemological laboratories that grade Earth-extracted diamonds. Compared to mined diamonds, Ada's diamonds have fewer impurities and fewer defects. This makes Ada Diamonds whiter, brighter, and stronger than the vast majority of mined diamonds.

Michaels Jewelers sells synthetic diamonds under a white-label brand, Treasure Chest Grown, to distinguish them from natural diamonds in the same collection. The jewelry chain buys the diamonds from Pure Grown Diamonds, a New Jersey company that produces them in Asia.

There are two methods of growing diamond gemstones:

1. High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT)

HPHT diamond growth occurs within massive pressure cookers. Small diamond seeds are placed into a growth cell, and then graphite is inserted on top of the diamond seeds. The pressure cooker is heated to 1500 degrees C and pressurized to approximately 70,000 times the pressure at sea level.

At this extreme temperature and pressure, the graphite in the growth cell is melted into liquid carbon and then carefully cooled into the strongest form of carbon, a diamond crystal.

2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

CVD diamond growth occurs within vacuum plasma reactors. Thin diamond plates are placed in a growth cell, and then hydrocarbon gas is injected on top of the diamond plates. High power microwaves break the bonds of the hydrocarbon gas, separating the carbon atoms from the hydrogen atoms.

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