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Shock unPC TV show breaks audience records


And it could be soon coming to a screen near you after wowing TV executives from across the globe at the MIPTV market in Cannes, France.

"This is the show that laughs with people who you should not really be laughing at," says its presenter, comedian Philippe Geubels at the start of each Sunday night episode on the Flemish public broadcaster Een.

The line-up of "victims/guests" on the first series included obese and poor people, dwarves, those with terminal and mental illness, gays, blind people and people of colour.

Geubels first invites them to spend a few days in the country with him where they tell their story to him and a documentary filmmaker.

A few months later the comedian invites them to a packed theatre filled with people like them to watch him do a hugely politically incorrect comedy routine based on them or their afflictions.

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