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Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Crypto Winter Is Almost Over


Could this year's crypto winter be nearing an end? That's the opinion of some experts, and while bullish predictions are easy to come by, there are signs that a thaw could be underway. In today's Bitcoin in Brief, we examine the market forecast for the weeks ahead.

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Bears Abate While Bulls Congregate

While market uncertainty has persisted for weeks, a few experts have felt bold enough to pop their heads above the parapet and predict the worst is over. On Monday, Crypto Asset Management's Timothy Enneking asserted that the bull market has largely run its course. On crypto Twitter, many traders are also cautiously optimistic. For the first time in a long time, they've actually begun sharing calls with their followers, something they'd hitherto been hesitant to do.

Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Crypto Winter Is Almost Over

Bitcoin has scarcely moved in days, but altcoins, including ethereum and NEO, have started to show green shoots, and EOS is positively blossoming, up 27% in 24 hours. That being said, it's too early for celebrations. As one trader sagely put it, "The markets will bounce when everybody stops celebrating every single green candle and random shitcoin spike."

Bitfinex Dispels Money Laundering Rumors

Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Crypto Winter Is Almost OverNo crypto exchange wants to be mentioned in the same breath as "money laundering", and even if those rumors are false, they need to be addressed. Bitfinex has asserted that there is no connection between it and the shell companies alleged to have been involved in laundering money in South America. Polish media had reported how Polish authorities seized $371 million linked to companies associated with Colombian cartels, and alleged a Bitfinex link, something the exchange has strenuously denied.

Litecoin Is Getting a Debit Card

Crypto debit card Tenx recently integrated litecoin into its wallet, and Charlie Lee now claims a dedicated litecoin debit card will be next, also coming courtesy of Tenx. If so, LTC will be following in the footsteps of BTC and BCH in getting its own crypto card. The news will help atone for the collapse of Litepay, a litecoin payment processor that folded due to impropriety on the part of its CEO.