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A mere six years after Ron Paul's last presidential run the "liberty movement" has collapsed. As many former Ron Paul libertarians jumped ship and joined either the far left or the alt right, once thriving grassroots organizations were forced to either close up shop, sell out, and/or severely limit their operations. Campaign for Liberty, for example, effectively shut down all of its grassroots operations for lack of interest. Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) was forced to consolidate its low-turnout State Conventions into larger Regional Conventions, in order to make it look like more people were showing up, while Students for Liberty (SFL) was forced to re-brand its "International Students for Liberty Conference" to simply "LibertyCon," in order to pad falling attendance numbers with adults. It shouldn't surprise anyone that both YAL and SFL are now on the Koch brothers' financial life support.

The problem with the "liberty movement" isn't merely a lack of a uniting figure like Ron Paul. There's a deeper problem that exists for the movement: the lack of Ron Paul's right-wing populist message. While Ron Paul campaigned on issues like ending birthright citizenship and putting troops on the Southern border, today's libertarian "leaders" support open borders. While Ron Paul supported pulling out of NAFTA, the WTO, and a number of other trade agreements and globalist organizations, today's libertarian "leaders" all support so-called "free trade" agreements. While Ron Paul and his acolytes supported the repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, today's libertarian "leaders" call all Trump supporters "racist." A similar contrast can be drawn on numerous other issues as well.

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