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Fantasy History and the American Left on Private Arms by Bill Buppert

•, Bill Buppert

In the previous essay, I discussed the mindset of the weapons prohibitionists in the country. You'll find many of these totalitarians on both the left and right.*

Please remember all the government supremacists who want your guns will see you dead to achieve their goal. Guaranteed.

I repeat, this is a commie jeremiad against private weapons, no limitations on government guns is on the table. Ever.

I'd like to revisit the latest attempts by academia and book publishers to press the edge of the envelope with the historical fiction that not only was early America gunless but much less of a gun culture than any observer imagined. In this case the fantastical and fiction-filled exploits of Bellisiles successor, Comrade Michael Waldman.

Comrade Waldman is the executive director of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, a communist think tank and advocacy organization focusing on democracy and…progress[ivism]. He was the chief teleprompter-writer for Offal Office Rezident Bill Clinton from 1995–1999.

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