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Cannabis: A Lost History


This relevance is by no means a new phenomenon. As illustrated in the enlightening documentary "Cannabis: The Lost History", the plant has played a key role in many aspects of society for thousands of years.

This history dates back to the year 50 B.C. Ancient Chinese texts from that time herald the plant's medicinal benefits when treating gout, rheumatism, infection, inflammation and over one hundred additional ailments. Cannabis also proved fundamental in the production of China's clothing, as well as their dietary regimens and burial practices.

The versatile plant was also embraced across the east. Ancient Indian and Iranian religious texts are replete with references to hemp; in some instances, it served as their chief sacrament. It was an important element in the birth of Buddhism as well.

The film goes on to explore the implementation of cannabis in Egyptian and Greek culture, its enigmatic presence within the pages in the Bible, and the complicated relationship it has endured in the U.S.

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