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Is the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO about to blow?

• By Phoebe Weston

The mammoth volcano blows roughly every 600,000 to 700,000 years

Last month, more than 200 small tremors were detected in 10 days alone

The research, for now, does not help to predict the timing of future eruptions 

Instead, it helps explain the structure of the magmatic plumbing system, and researchers hope in the future it could help predict an explosion

A detailed map of the bubbling magma below the Yellowstone supervolcano could help experts reveal when the next deadly eruption may happen.

The monstrous volcano - which last erupted around 640,000 years ago - has dual magma chambers.

Now, a new computer model has revealed a 'transition zone' that may control the movement of magma in these chambers.   

The new research doesn't currently reveal when the next eruption might happen, but it could help scientists put together predictions in the future. 



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