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Corporate social media behemoths are systematically censoring independent media:

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In fact, a major new study by the Media Research Center provides evidence galore that the social media behemoths are doing all they can to censor and downgrade content which does not promote Alt-Left social, cultural, and political views.

The center's new report, "Censored! How Online Media Companies are Suppressing Conservative Speech," explains in full detail how content that is pro-Trump, pro-Constitution, pro-small government, and pro-America First is being targeted.

"Like it or not, social media is the communication form of the future — not just in the U.S., but worldwide. Just Facebook and Twitter combined reach 1.8 billion people," says an executive summary of the report. "More than two-thirds of all Americans (68 percent) use Facebook. YouTube is pushing out TV as the most popular place to watch video. Google is the No. 1 search engine in both the U.S. and the world."

It adds: "War is being declared on the conservative movement in this space and conservatives are losing — badly. If the right is silenced, billions of people will be cut off from conservative ideas and conservative media." (Related: Tech industry trying to censor to shut down free speech and control the narrative.)

Here are some of the center's findings:

— Project Veritas, founded and run by James O'Keefe, recently caught staffers at Twitter on video admitting that conservatives were being censored through a process known as shadow banning. The conservative user can tweet all he or she wants, but through technical means, Twitter programmers made sure that few of the user's followers would actually see the tweet, even if the follower had tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.

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