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Kanye West Controversy Proves How Well the Left/Right Paradigm Works to Control Thought


A recent series of tweets by hip-hop star Kanye West has sparked a firestorm of controversy and is exposing the mind-numbing power of the two-party paradigm.

Kanye West has been extremely outspoken on Twitter recently which has caused heads to figuratively explode as he speaks his mind.

Kanye's tweets weren't erratic, they weren't hateful, they weren't even in full support of the president. However, this did not stop the firestorm of hatred and loathing that has come his way in the last few days.

The firestorm started on Sunday when West came back to Twitter after taking nearly a year off. The hip-hop star had yet to even profess his support for the current president when the Washington Post used his name to imply that black people shouldn't like Trump.

It's okay and very healthy not to like Trump. In fact, TFTP has been outspoken about his call to remove due process, his unconstitutional provocation of war in Syria, and his general embrace of the police state. However, one shouldn't seek a certain political ideology or despise another based solely on the color of one's skin. But thanks to the power of the two-party system, this is the way many people think.

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