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Communist Hiral Tipirneni's Comrades Could Take Over Congress In 2018

• by Dave Hodges

The new American Communist Party (ie radical Democrats), as I call it, have geared up to take over Congress.

Extreme radicals like Hiral Tipirneni try to put on a moderate face to the public, but upon closer examination, these communists are a wolf in sheep's clothing. They are dangerous and they will bring an end to America as we know it.

Tinpinenei, was defeated by Republican challenger, Debbie Lesko. However, the election took place in Arizona strongest Republican district. It was a special election designed to fill Trent Frank's seat who resigned under pressure. The commnist lost this special election, but barely. However, the two will run again in the midterm election this November. This is one of the most dangerous women in America.

This election is a bellweather for the entire country.

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