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Big brother sees you!

• by David Williams

Facial recognition technology is really starting to become a big deal in China. It wasn't that long ago when Chinese traffic police began using facial recognition to nab those who were violating traffic laws. Now they've taken things one step further with artificial intelligence (AI): When the facial recognition cameras catch someone jaywalking, not only will they be identified, named, and publicly shamed, they will also be sent text messages telling them what their violation is and how much the fine they have to pay will be.

Based on online reports, a Shenzhen-based AI company called Intellifusion will be in charge of rolling out this "feature" of the new Shenzhen traffic system. That is, in addition to simply displaying the faces of jaywalkers on giant LED screens located at intersections, they will be working with local mobile phone carriers and social media companies in order to work out a system that will send out the jaywalking-related text messages to jaywalkers as soon as they get caught.

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