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Trump: If Dems Win Midterms, They'll Impeach Me; Stocks Could Be Up 60% But "I Have To Do T


Timed to coincide with the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Trump spoke at a Michigan rally on Saturday night in what was deemed to be another throwback to his campaigning days, and covered a broad variety of topics, from the situation in Korea, to the stock market, to the "fake" mainstream media news, but his most memorable soundbite was that he could face impeachment if democrats win the midterm elections.

"We have to keep the House because if we listen to Maxine Waters, she's going around saying 'We will impeach him," Trump told the rally participants, adding that "I don't think we're going to have a lot of happy people if that happens."

Last week at a New York gala, Waters urged Trump to streamline the process and just "please resign."

"So that I won't have to keep up this fight of your having to be impeached because I don't think you deserve to be there," Waters said. "Just get out."

A recent Quinnipiac poll released on Thursday shows that if Democrats win control of the House, more than 70 percent of their supporters want them to begin impeachment proceedings.

Yet while Trump is correct in that Maxine has been demanding his impeachment, it is unclear how likely that is absent a total Republican collapse in the Senate (where two-thirds have to find the president guilty). Even Nancy Pelosi has warned against Democratic efforts to impeach Trump, saying it would end up harming the party before the midterm elections.

"On the political side I think it's a gift to the Republicans," Pelosi said Thursday. "We want to talk about what they're doing to undermine working families in our country and what we are doing to increase their payrolls and lower their costs."

Trump also touched on his favorite topic, the stock market. As a reminder, on April 6, shortly after launching the latest round of trade wars with China, Trump warned investors that "we may take a hit" in stocks and to prepare for "pain" in the market

Fast forward to last night when the president said that the stock market "could have been up 60% but I have to do things," adding that "I can't let other countries take advantage of us," in reference to the overhaul of existing trade agreements and tariffs. He also claimed that "the country is doing much better than the stock market", which Trump nonetheless pointed out was "up almost 35%" since the election.