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It's Ridiculous Just How Much More the Russians Get for Every Billion Spent on the Military

•, F. William Engdahl

We first published this article in October of 2016, and things have just gotten worse since then. Very interesting and relevant to the new arms race heating up between the US and Russia.

An American, he lives in Berlin, Germany, and speaks fluent German, a language in which he is also widely published. He is the author of several books.

Engdahl is a heavy-weight, and always worth listening to.

More bang for the buck is the most apt description when we compare spending of the United States Government with that of the Government of the Russian Federation on its defense sector and military technology development. A closer look at the two budgets reveals the huge fault line that cuts across the entire US economy today. It also mirrors the true collapse of the American hegemon as a world power. It need not have been.