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Pentagon Accelerates Testing Of New B61 Nuclear Gravity Bomb

• Zero Hedge

As reports, plans to spend over $1 trillion to modernize the US "nuclear triad" - nuclear bombers and missiles launched from land-based silos and submarines - have been fast-tracked thanks to the new Nuclear Posture Review, as well as increased military spending authorized during the Trump administration.


As discussed before, the new gravity nuke has been in development for years, but Trump's orders have sped up testing to the point where most of the air force's mainstay military planes have been approved to carry it. And it's widely expected that the B-2 Spirit and the futuristic B-21 Raider will be approved to carry the B61 as well. In addition to testing the B61-12, the NPR also calls for modernizing the air-launched cruise missile and intercontinental ballistic missile components of the nuclear triad.

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