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DNA 'Writers" Set Goal: Recoding Human Cells To Resist Viruses

• By Sharon Begley

That is, let's start from scratch and re-write the whole genome. They have no sense that humanity is not their playground to experiment with creating life. ? TN Editor

Its birth in 2016 was greeted with near hysteria over "secret meetings" and dire warnings about hubristic scientists creating made-from-scratch human genomes and designer babies. Its first birthday was overshadowed by the little matter of falling $99.75 million short of the $100 million fundraising goal it had very publicly set.

But two years in, an ambitious project to synthesize genomes — including human ones — is moving on from its shaky start and plunging in to the practical work of creating better genomes than nature did. As some 200 scientists participating in "Genome Project-write" met in Boston on Tuesday, the group announced its first target: creating cells that could never be infected by viruses, and that perhaps would also be resistant to other killers.