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Trump Sets a Trap for Mueller, 2202


On Monday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller rejected President Trump's offer to answer questions in writing. This is no surprise to anyone with the letters Esq. appended to their names as the totally Democrat composition of the Mueller team can only mean that this is the most titanic setup for a perjury trap in the history of the republic.
The Trump team has now set a May 17th deadline to decide whether or not the President will commit prosecutorial suicide, or force the Supreme Court to decide whether a lot like the Mueller investigation can interrupt a duly-elected President any time they lose an election.
Even Judge Andrew Napolitano is warning Trump on this one:
[insert] My opinion, and it is not informed by any insider information, is that Trump is a chess player. He's playing the long game. He's determined to take down the Deep State. He knows he will win in the Supreme Court, and wants to goad Mueller into taking that route.
Trump will tell Mueller, "Nope, so sorry, go away. If you are brave enough, subpoena me to testify."
The Supremes are just waiting to pounce on this obvious coup d'état.
Not just for his personal victory – not just for his victory over Deep State – but team Trump wants to set in stone that sore losers cannot assemble a team of rogue prosecutors do this to an American president ever again. An example must be set and this precise question has never been decided by the Supremes.