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The Art of Breaking a Deal

• LewRockwell.Com - Pepe Escobar

All suspended United States sanctions against Iran will be reinstated, and harsh additional ones will be imposed.

It does not matter that the International Atomic Energy Agency, orIAEA, repeatedly confirmed Iran was complying with the JCPOA as verified by 11 detailed reports since January 2016. Even US Secretary of Defense James Mattis vouched for the stringent verification mechanisms.

Facts appear to be irrelevant, though. The JCPOA is the Obama administration's only tangible foreign policy success, so, for domestic political reasons, it had to be destroyed.

President Donald Trump's opening address to the "Iranian people" during his White House speech also does not cut it. The overwhelming majority of Iranians support the JCPOA, and counted on it to alleviate their economic plight.

Moreover, Trump's regime change advisers support the exiled People's Mojahedin Organization, or MEK, which is despised beyond belief inside Iran.

As a minor subplot, rational geopolitical actors are asking what sort of national security advisor would strategically "advise" his boss to blow up a multilateral, United Nations-endorsed, working nuclear deal?

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Comment by chris gill
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the so called deal was a illegal treaty with no weight of law behind it. For that to have occurred the senate would of had a vote on it. Which it has not.... Also how in hell was it a good deal for the united states to begin with? They can do whatever they want, hide anything and according to this fake treaty we can't do squat about it. Even European's leader have admitted Iran has done nothing to fulfill it duties under the so called treaty. The only advantage to the Europeans is they made a killing when the sanctions went away and have their collective heads up their asses when it come to the security of their own nations. Just look at the EU with their runaway immigration policies. Thank Merkel in Germany and anti-Christian progressive attitudes for that one....

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