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Media giant News Corp targeting censorship by Facebook, Google and Amazon in push for...


(Natural News) The powerful CEO of media giant News Corp, whose properties include The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post in the U.S., has had enough of the blatant censorship of Right-leaning content by Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Robert Thompson has launched a nationwide campaign to bring more transparency to the processes by which the huge tech-media giants filter content that they display to their users.

As reported by The Western Journal, Thompson has endorsed the formation of an "algorithm review board" whose job it would be to expose any arbitrary and unnecessary content restrictions or preferences regarding the way the companies provide content and how they make such determinations.

News Corp, which is also the parent company of publisher HarperCollins, has already lodged an official complaint against Facebook, Google, and Apple in Australia.

Discussing his idea with investors, Thompson's comments provide more insight into his company's concerns over the commonly opaque practices of selecting content for users. Facebook and Google, especially, have been under fire lately for 'algorithm changes' that have downgraded content from conservative or right-leaning news and information providers. In some cases, social media platforms like YouTube have completely censored some channels.

Transparency and regulation are necessary to protect our First Amendment rights

Thompson also recommended more government regulation that would give users better understanding of how the social media companies are deciding what content they are promoting.

"The sheer amount of personal data collected by Facebook, Google and Amazon means that governments are rightly considering the establishment of an algorithm review board, which, if properly conceived, would provide the necessary transparency for individuals, clients and competitors concerned about algorithmic abuse," he said, as reported by The Hill.

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