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How Access To Information Can Make Or Break The Elite Stranglehold

•, By: Dr. Tim Ball

Elizabethan philosopher and scientist, Viscount Francis Bacon's (1561-1626) ideas are considered to be the early basis of modern science. Perhaps his most well-known comment, "Knowledge is power," is truer today than when he said it 400 years ago. For almost all of that time, the power elite controlled the information and thereby controlled the people. I spoke before about the current political situation in the US as being the final phase of the American revolution. For the second time in US history the people found a way to overcome the control of information. This ability marked the start and promoted the success of the Revolution. Now, it is marking the final phase and guaranteeing the continuance of the Revolution. However, as Benjamin Franklin said when asked if in negotiations they had settled for a republic or a democracy, he replied a republic, if you can keep it.  People now have access to information, if they can keep it.