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Tariffs & Trade Wars Are Initiated Out of Weakness

• by Pye Ian

China's getting the brunt of the tariff abuse, and is returning tariff pressures in kind while ramping up its drive toward achieving further, wider economic independence and geopolitical influence.  Reasons given by Washington for its tariffs are nothing new, however, whether the accused culprits are the Chinese, or allies such as Europeans powers, Canadians, Mexicans and others.

Why tighten the tariffs and wider trade war vices now, though?  Is it because foreign economic antagonisms are egregious to the point of being unbearable by the world's strongest economic power?  Are non-US actors ultimately NOT supposed to compete 'too effectively'?  Or are tariffs applied to distract away from an imminent, deep global recession, due largely to the world not having credibly escaped from the so-called Great Recession of a decade ago?

In this 20th episode of Money & Fear, and in the show's detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, we'll review the disturbingly magnifying trend of hurled tariffs between the US and the East while weighing how China may be going about defending itself and mobilizing to 'capture fish while waters are being stirred' internationally, so to speak.  The Japanese experience post-Plaza Accord of 1985 will be weighed alongside weighty risks expressed in the US and wider West over such seemingly rash actions of economic warfare.

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