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Buffett's Wrong: Bitcoin Has Cashflow...

• by BambouClub

Wrong. Bitcoin has Cashflow.

Where is the Cashflow?

1.Lending to Margin

2.Traders at Exchanges

3.Hard Forks

Arbitrage of the Basis (Contango or Backwardation) of Bitcoin Futures at BitMEX, OKEX, CME & CBOT

I only treat Lending at Exchanges for now. (I might treat income from HFs and Arbitrage of the Basis in a follow-up piece.)

Lending at Exchanges

Lending Bitcoin

You can lend your Bitcoin to margin traders at BitMEX, Poloniex and Bitfinex. Annual compounded rates of over a million percent have been available in the past and this writer has lent at those rates. I provide evidence of that 1,000,000 % below.1.

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