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Sweden: Police Tell Women to 'Not Go Out Late' to Avoid Being Raped


Police in Sweden are telling women to "not go out late" to avoid being raped in a damning indictment of how the country is putting their own citizens at risk in favor of pursuing mass migration policies.

After two attempted rapes over the weekend in Östersund, Police investigator Suss Braunerhielm told Swedish radio that women should be vigilant and "preferably do not go (out) late."

The advice bears similarities to that voiced by Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker, who reacted to the mass molestation of women by migrants in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2015 by telling women to keep potential rapists at "arms length".

After Braunerhielm's comments began to attract controversy, police district manager Max Olsson asserted that her comments did not stand and that authorities were not encouraging women to avoid going out late at night.

However, the reversal was undoubtedly an attempt to quell public anger and little more.

A 2016 poll found that almost half of Swedish women were afraid to go out at night alone. Sweden's largest music festival for 2018 was also cancelled after numerous rapes and sexual assaults occurred at the 2017 event.

Surging sexual assaults and rapes have largely been driven by Sweden accepting millions of predominantly Muslim migrants.

A study by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet found that 88 per cent of gang rapists in the Scandinavian country over the last six years have had a migrant background.

Other figures show that migrants from Muslim-majority nations commit 84 per cent of "very violent" rapes in Sweden.