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Russiagate Hoax Leader John Brennan Is in Serious Legal Trouble

•, Michael Quinn

This is not a joke. The American government under Obama actively conspired to interfere in its own election and suppress political rivals. President Trump has been in office for well over a year and the new American government has STILL struggled to remove and punish the figures responsible for interfering in the American election and framing Russia.

What we know now is still probably just the tip of the iceberg with US government corruption. 

Back in the 2016 election Brennan's predecessor, former CIA director Michael Morell openly called for killing Iranians and Russians on live TV. As RT reported back in 2016:

The chair of the State Duma Committee for Security, Irina Yarovaya, noted in comments that the situation can be described by the phrase "what active CIA agents have in their minds the retired ones speak out loud," referring to the Russian proverb "what a sober man thinks to himself a drunk speaks out loud."