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Brazilian Military Deployed To Break Up Trucking Strike As State Of Emergency Worsens

• by Tyler Durden

The protests, triggered by a 50% spike in fuel prices over the last year, have resulted in the declaration of a state of emergency across most major cities as shelves run bare and fuel supplies dwindle. Airports have reported running out of fuel, hospitals are running out of supplies, and public transport and trash collection have been reduced or halted across the country. Some food prices have also spiked as supplies dwindle. As we noted on Friday, a lack of livestock feed threatens a billion chickens and 20 million pigs who may starve to death.

Brazilian export group ABPA said that over 150 poultry and pork processing plants had indefinitely suspended production, while Brazil's sugar industry - the world's largest - is slowly halting cane harvest operations as their machines run out of fuel.