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'Am I supposed to be afraid to have different ideas?' Black, gay Army vet 'comes out


A black, gay Army veteran has 'come out' as conservative because of the 'outrage culture' he said he has experienced within the Democratic Party.

Rob Smith, author of a 2017 book about being a gay man in the military during the 'don't' ask, don't' tell' era, is a registered Democrat and was raised in a liberal working-class family in Ohio. But he said that over the past couple of years what he considers to be left-wing outrage culture has pushed him to become conservative.

He did not vote in the 2016 election but wants to buck what he said is a stereotype that African Americans and LGBTQ people are always liberal Democrats.

Smith, who lives with his husband in New York City, is 'coming out' publicly, prompted in part by Kanye West being roundly lambasted for his support of President Donald Trump.