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This Week in Bitcoin: McAfee's Bullish Prediction and a Guy Living in His Car


This week we learned that Deutsche Börse "Deep at Work" on Bitcoin and John McAfee predicted bulls' billions will soon be pumped by institutional investors, despite the current cool market. These stories and many more were covered in this week's daily editions of Bitcoin in Brief. And the most commented on story of the week talked about a guy living is his car while

New EU Rules Kill Another Crypto Venture

This Week in Bitcoin: McAfee's Bullish Prediction and a Guy Living in His Car

You could not have missed the impact of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force this week, not with all the emails you must have received from any service that has ever had access to your address. However, one might have not known that the new regulations also had severe consequences for some services that had to shut down.

On Monday we reported that team behind Parity Technologies, the developers of the Parity multi-signature wallet, have announced that due to GDPR they are shutting down PICOPS, a service used by ICO campaigns to comply with KYC/AML regulations by validating that the owner of an Ethereum wallet has already passed an ID background check.

Crypto Revolution Reshaping Global Politics

The intersection of politics and cryptocurrency was our main focus on Tuesday. We reported that Iranian and Russian lawmakers are jointly examining the idea of using cryptocurrency to bypass international and American sanctions. And in the US, Congressional candidate Brian Forde raised $100,000 in cryptocurrency donations, and an opponent attacked him for this, referring to his donors as "bitcoin speculators that oppose cracking down on drug deals and human trafficking."

We also reported that Vitalik Buterin has co-written a short manifesto of sorts with the young political economist Glen Weyl, unapologetically titled "Liberation Through Radical Decentralization." In it they explain how the cryptocurrency ecosystem is suited for developing and testing new models for governance, voting and more, in a way that can fundamentally change how both democracy and capitalism work.