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The incredible mind-reading headset that automatically changes the plot of a film...

•, By Aaron Brown

That is the premise of an innovative new brain-controlled film project created by Nottingham University researcher Richard Ramchurn.

Movie-goers have to wear an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset that monitors their brain activity.

The film, a 27-minute feature called The Moment, changes based on your level of attention.

The EEG headset measures the amount of electrical activity within a frequency range believed to correspond with attentiveness and sends the readings to a nearby laptop.

Specially designed software uses these signals to alter the length of scenes, the type of background music, and more, all in an effort to keep you entertained.

To make this possible, writer director Richard Ramchurn had to film different versions of every scene in the film, resulting in 101 trillion possible combinations for the viewer and only the ending remaining the same each time.

Ramchurn explained: 'The headset reads really tiny electrical signals generated by the firing of neurons in your brain.

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