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Bitcoin Gets Sexy: Goodbye Pasty Neckbeards, Hello Vin Armani


Bitcoin cash is beginning to shed its inner nerd, and Vin Armani is one of the leading reasons. He's lived what most men can only dream as a high class, world renowned escort to wealthy women. More recently, he's the brain behind Cointext, a revolutionary rebranding of sending crypto without needing an internet connection. If all that wasn't enough, he's also something of a compelling philosopher. We caught up with Mr. Armani ahead of his long-form interview on Humans of Bitcoin, an episode that's quickly become mandatory listening.

Vin Armani's Art of Seduction Brought to Bitcoin Cash Dude, you're beefcake. You've got ladies. You're in great shape. You're a television star. You don't live in your mom's basement. What the hell are you doing in crypto?

Vin Armani: Ha! The smartest people I know have figured out how much better life is on all fronts with a little time spent in the gym and a little money spent on a good tailor. I never lived in my mom's basement. That's probably attributable to my father, a tech entrepreneur, buying me a TI-99 for my 5th birthday (complete with cassette drive) and spurring my love for technology. By the time I was 15, I was already getting myself into unnecessary trouble with hacking and phreaking. When the TV show came along, [Showtime's Gigolos] totally out of the blue, in 2010, I was already well into my software development career and I actually had to quit my position at what is now (where I'm told much of my code is still in the foundation of their platform) to go to Vegas and film the first season of the show [Showtime's Gigolos, which ran for six season].

Bitcoin Gets Sexy: Goodbye Pasty Neckbeards