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Must-See Documentary Reveals Dangers of Smart Meters


While largely unknown and rarely discussed, there's evidence to suggest a significant percentage of the diseases we now face is related to electromagnetic interference (EMI), so-called "dirty electricity," and microwave radiation from cellphones, routers, portable phones, smart meters and more. In a nutshell, these kinds of exposures impact your biology, specifically your mitochondrial function, which we've now come to appreciate is at the heart of virtually all chronic disease.

Sunlight is a natural or native form of electromagnetic frequency (EMF), and this type of EMF exposure is not only healthy but a vital part of maintaining healthy biology. Non-native or artificial EMF exposures, on the other hand, do quite a bit of harm. This includes:

EMI, which is generated in the converter between AC and DC electricity

Artificial light, such as fluorescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lights and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Dr. Alexander Wunsch, a world class expert on photobiology, details many of the health hazards associated with LED lights, but the dirty electricity component is yet another reason to avoid these types of light bulbs in your home and office

Microwaves, which includes not only your microwave oven but also cellphones, routers, portable phones, smart meters and more. These are particularly pernicious as they are pulsating fields

Take Back Your Power

The featured documentary, "Take Back Your Power," directed by Josh del Sol, investigates some of the problems associated with smart meters specifically. The issue came to his attention when a friend suddenly fell ill right after having a smart meter installed in her home.

Can microwave radio frequencies (RF) from smart meters really affect your health? And why are they being pushed so forcibly without public input? As shown in the film, utility company employees have literally broken into homes to forcibly install smart meters. These are just some of the questions del Sol decided to find the answers to.

"Smart meters are part of a much bigger picture, a much bigger design," B. Blake Levitt, an award-winning science journalist, says. "The smart meter is just really the attachment that goes on the outside of a home or a business — a two-way transmission device that ties into the larger smart grid plans that are built out across the world."

I urge you to set aside the time this weekend to watch this excellent film. It's quite compelling, raising many important questions, and revealing just as many provocative answers.

Many are still unaware of the magnitude of the problem with RF radiation — not just from smart meters but also your cellphone and other wireless devices — and we simply cannot afford such widespread ignorance. Everyone's lives are at stake. Sticking our head in the sand will not be an option for much longer, considering the speed at which the world is being blanketed with wireless technologies.

The Smart Grid — A Massive Rip-Off Costing Taxpayers Billions

The smart grid promised to deliver enhanced energy security, greenhouse gas reductions, improved air quality and increased grid asset utilization. While this sounds good in theory, Levitt points out that there are many technical problems with the smart grid, and with the meters. Hundreds have caught fire. Most are installed by poorly trained employees without electrical degrees. Some have nothing more than a two-week training course under their belt.

Money, of course, is part of the equation. According to the film, some $11 billion of taxpayers' monies have gone to fund the smart grid rollout. Estimates suggested building this grid could lead to a 4 percent reduction in energy usage by 2030, but real-world evidence shows smart meters result in no energy savings at all. According to a senior assistant to the attorney general for public utilities in Illinois, Susan Satter, "The report shows zero statistically different result in usage, compared to business as usual."

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