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Soros Cries Globalist Tears Over Populist Victory in Italy


Billionaire elitist George Soros is devastated about the victory of an anti-globalist populist coalition in Italy.

Last week, Matteo Salvini's right-wing Lega party and the populist 5-Star Movement struck a deal to form a government, defeating an audacious attempt to install a pro-EU technocrat as Italy's Prime Minister.

This prompted a tumultuous reaction from globalists everywhere, most notably Soros, who flipped out in a piece for the Corriere della Sera newspaper, hysterically claiming (with no evidence) that Salvini was being controlled by Vladimir Putin.

"I do not know if Salvini was funded by Moscow, but the public has a right to know," said Soros.

Lega's economics policy chief, Claudio Borghi, hit back, asserting, "Soros worried by the Italian government? Then it means that we are going in the right direction… We understand that those who have speculated for years on the skin of immigrants, financing NGOs and smugglers to invade Italy."

"The wind has changed for [Soros] and for all those who have profited from the deaths of hundreds of people," he added.

Soros also admitted that arrogant EU elitists want to "teach Italy a lesson" for voting against their interests, but he cautioned that, "If the EU follows this line, it will dig its own grave by provoking a negative response from the Italian electorate."

Given their policy platform, it's abundantly clear why globalists like Soros are terrified of the populist coalition's success.

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