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The Information Preppers Need to Build Machines


The importance of knowing how to build simple machines in the event of a collapse cannot be overlooked. This applies to far more than just machine tools. How do you build a horse-drawn wagon, agricultural machinery, a steam engine, and tens of thousands of other machines?

History of Technology – Making Simple Machines from Scratch

"Even today, blueprints are considered inadequate to transmit full information, and when a firm buys new and elaborate machinery [or software] it sends some of its workers to acquire, directly from the manufacturers, the knowledge of how to operate it. Through the ages, the main channel for the diffusion of innovations has been the migration of people. The diffusion of technology has been mostly the product of migrations of human capital." ~ Before the Industrial Revolution, European Society and Economy 1000-1700 by Carlo M. Cipolla

I believe that construction plans and drawings on machine tools and many other machines were never published because that was considered proprietary material at the time and were discarded when the machines became obsolete. However, there may be some plans for constructing old machine tools, and some old machines themselves, available in museums, library, university and private collections. Finding this would be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

An alternative to finding plans would be finding the old machines themselves and reverse engineering them for the purpose of developing plans, specifications, and drawings to reproduce each machine. Just compiling a list of machines that need to be created would be a complicated task. What needs to be done is to identify today's machines that would be crucial to restoring our present civilization and researching the history, i.e. predecessor machines back to the original version of each machine. Then developing a critical path for the development of each machine. Eventually, this will provide a list of the earliest, blacksmith made, machine tools.

One alternative is to buy existing machine tools today or build your own. Such machines would have to be adapted to run off mechanical power rather than electricity.

Build Your Own MultiMachine Today

"The MultiMachine all-purpose machine tool that can be built by a semi-skilled mechanic with just common hand tools. For machine construction, electricity can be replaced with "elbow grease" and the necessary material can come from discarded vehicle parts. … You may have heard of 3-in-1 machine tools — basically a combination of metal lathe, mill and drill press. The MultiMachine starts there but adds many other functions. It can be a 10- in-1 (or even more!) machine tool that is built by using vehicle engine blocks in a LEGO-like fashion."

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