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WOW! Stormy Daniels' lawyer quits


Stormy Daniel's controversial lawyer Michael Avenatti has removed himself from the porn star's involvement in a suit against Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer of President Donald Trump.

The judge in the Cohen case, Kimba Wood, gave Avenatti a choice simple choice: Either stop his whirlwind publicity tour, or remove himself from the trial.

Avenatti chose the publicity over his client, dumped Daniels on his co-counsel so he could keep up the media blitz that has made him a household name. Since

The judge made the decision because she believed Avenatti's mainstream media appearances were threatening Cohen's right to a fair trial.

Since taking on Daniels as a client, Avenatti has made more than 170 television appearances. Wood told him that "publicity tour" had to end — or Avenatti couldn't be involved in the Cohen trial.

"That means that you would have to stop doing some things you have been doing. If you participate here, you would not be able to declare your opinion as to Mr. Cohen's guilt, which you did; you would not be able to give publicity to documents that are not public. It would change your conduct. I don't want you to have some existence in a limbo, where you are free to denigrate Mr. Cohen and I believe potentially deprive him of a fair trial by tainting a jury pool," Wood said.

Avenatti refused, and removed himself from the case rather than give up the spotlight.

"Avenatti made the announcement after a court hearing Wednesday in which Cohen's legal team updated the court on claims of attorney-client privilege related to data seized by FBI raids of Cohen's home and office," Western Journalism reported. "Daniels claims Cohen paid her $130,000 just before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. By representing Daniels in the case, Avenatti would have been allowed to review the items seized from Cohen."

However, he's not going away. Avenatti has starting cruising for cash from the general public. He's asked his liberal fans for $850,000 on behalf of Stormy Daniels so he can cash in on the publicity.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Daniels had collected over $540,000 of the $850,000 that Avenatti was seeking. That's not all, critics say. Avenatti was allegedly asking top Democratic donors and Clinton insiders for cash last week, a claim the controversial lawyer has denied. "This isn't about politics," Avenatti insisted.

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