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Bill Clinton Issues ANOTHER Non-Apology As He Tries To Clean Up Monica Lewinsky Mess...

• Daily Mail

Former president Bill Clinton doubled down Monday night on his view that he doesn't owe Monica Lewinsky a person-to-person apology for taking advantage of her when she was a White House intern.

He said during a book-tour event in Harlem, as he had the day before in an interview broadcast on NBC, that the blanket mea culpa he offered in 1998 should have been enough.

'The suggestion was that I never apologized for what caused all the trouble for me 20 years ago,' Clinton said Monday night – not mentioning the trouble it caused Lewinsky.

'I did,' he said. 'I meant it then, I meant it now. I apologized to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family and to the American people before a panel of ministers in the White House, which was widely reported.'

'So I did that. I meant it then and I mean it today. I live with it all the time.'

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