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The SPLC State ... And The Unprecedented Threat To Civil Liberties

• by James Kirckpatrick

The SPLC wrote about us back in February, so we're joining in the general pile-on here. Seriously, it's getting to the point where the SPLC is right up their with Monsanto and George Soros, i.e. outfits that in desperate need of a smart PR manager. They represent the very worst of America, and need to be called out.

The American Constitution utilizes checks and balances to prevent any one faction or person from controlling the State. Yet power over society is not exercised solely through government.

Those who favor mass immigration and the abolition of American sovereignty project power from inside and outside the government simultaneously, leveraging law enforcement, the courts, financial institutions, and the media to their ends. And no single group does this better than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), ostensibly a "Non-Governmental Organization" (NGO) but increasingly becoming a kind of proto-government unto itself.

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