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CNN star SLAMMED for shouting at Kim Jong Un [video]

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un got a taste of the pain President Donald Trump endures every time that CNN's Jim Acosta enters a room.

As Trump and Kim excited the private meeting on Tuesday morning, Acosta and other journalists were waiting outside shouting questions at the two leaders.

Acosta, who was designated pool reporter assigned to represent U.S. media organizations, has been criticized for yelling at Kim as he and Trump walked away. The fake news reporter seemed very eager to demand an answer, and Kim who is used to a more compliant media did not seem amused.

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"Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?" the never-Trump reporter asked. "Any progress, Mr. President?"

"Very good. Very, very good," the president said in reply.

Acosta did not stop there, he posed another question, but this time to Kim, "Will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?"

Either the clueless reporter was unaware that Trump was there to negotiate just that… or he was attempting to probe the North Korean leader for an angry response.

Acosta regularly engages in spats with Trump, and has built a reputation on being the obnoxious one in the crowd, forgoing any type of manners or protocol.

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