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Without Government, Who Will Build the Roads? Domino's Pizza, Apparently

•, Brittany Hunter

Yesterday, Domino's Pizza announced that rather than wait for government action, the company would take it upon itself to fix potholes as part of its "Paving for Pizza" campaign.

A lot can happen in the time it takes for your pizza to leave its store of origin and arrive at your door. Sitting helplessly in the front seat, one encounter with a pothole may mean your delicious cheesy pie is delivered in ruins.

We've all had the unfortunate experience of opening that square cardboard box after the delivery guy has left, only to find that the cheese and toppings have slid off in what appears to be an act of foul play. Overcome with hanger, you call the pizza store and demand that a new one be sent over. But realistically, between traffic and baketime, you are not going to get that pizza for at least another hour. The struggle is all too real.

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