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Top House Dem facing arrest in foreign spy scandal!?


Disgraced liberal Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a top political ally of Hillary Clinton, is under fire again as new revelations raise more questions about the exploding scandal surrounding her former IT worker — and it could end with her in handcuffs.

It involves something that's haunted Clinton pals quite a bit in recent years: A missing server.

Some things never change!

The Epoch Times reports that a server at the heart of the scandal involving House Democrats foreign IT worker, Imran Awan, went missing last year as federal investigators began hunting for it.


Awan was arrested last year as he attempted to board a plane to Pakistan as the investigation closed in on him. He and multiple members of the family were employed for years by a number of Congressional Democrats – especially Wasserman Schultz – and were paid MILLIONS for the work. They reportedly have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Eventually, he and his wife, Hina Alvi, were charged with bank fraud and are expected in court next month, possibly for a plea deal.

That has to make Wasserman Schultz very nervous. If Awan has evidence linking Wasserman Schultz to wrongdoing, it could mean handcuffs for Hillary's top political ally.

She was Awan's prime defender in Congress, refusing to fire him and other members of the family working for the Democrats amid a series of reports involving alleged stolen equipment and monkey business with key data belonging to members of Congress and their constituents. She has even been caught on tape threatening D.C. police as part of the alleged cover-up.

The Epoch Times reports that at least two Congressional computers the Awans had access to had Dropbox accounts added to them, a violation of House IT policy.

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