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SUPER SOLDIER X-ray vision will soon give soldiers the superhero ability to see...

•, By Saqib Shah

BIONIC soldiers with X-ray vision could soon be a reality thanks to a new wireless system that uses radio-waves to map people's movements behind walls.

Researchers at MIT trained artificial intelligence to analyse radio signals that bounce off human bodies to create a dynamic stick figure that mimics a person's actions.

The so-called neural network can sense people's postures and movement even from the outside of a building or room.

MIT says the tech can be embedded into a wireless device, which would theoretically allow soldiers to hook it up to their combat gear – like helmets and night-vision goggles.

In the future, military personnel could use it on the battlefield to "see" hidden enemies by wearing augmented reality headsets.

Researchers are now working to create realistic 3D models that map even more detailed movements. For example, the tech could soon show if a person's hands are shaking.

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