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Demographics and Destiny: Pension Trainwreck Coming Up

•, Mike Mish Shedlock

John Mauldin compiled an excellent set of charts and comments on the pension crisis in this week's Thoughts from the Frontline. This is a guest post.

The Pension Train Has No Seat Belts by John Mauldin.

In describing various economic train wrecks these last few weeks, I may have given the wrong impression about trains. I love riding the train on the East Coast or in Europe. They're usually a safe and efficient way to travel. And I can sit and read and work, plus not deal with airport security. But in this series, I'm concerned about economic train wrecks, of which I foresee many coming before The Big One which I call The Great Reset, where all the debt, all over the world, will have to be "rationalized." That probably won't happen until the middle or end of the next decade. We have some time to plan, which is good because it's all but inevitable now, without massive political will. And I don't see that anywhere.

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