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From the Middle East to Mexico, there's trouble all around

by Posted on June 18, 2018

There's a lot going on in this crazy world, and without further ado let's look at the turmoil and try to make sense of it.

The Middle East Mess – While the Trump administration has been making astonishing headway in bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, in the Middle East they are making huge errors that will come back to haunt them – and us, unfortunately.

Aside from the revocation of the Iran deal, which dealt a major blow to the prospect of a calmer region, the appointment of David M. Friedman as our ambassador to Israel underscores the mentality of the Trumpians when it comes to the "special relationship": craven appeasement of Bibi Netanyahu and his ultra-nationalist government. As Max Blumenthal points out, when Friedman was briefed on the Gaza massacre he said: "I don't understand. The people in Gaza – they're basically Egyptians. Why doesn't Egypt take them back?"

That one could say the same about the Israelis – who, the Bible tells us, came into Israel from Egypt – is something that would no doubt make Friedman's head explode, an event that would expose his complete lack of brains.

What this underscores is the utter wrongness of US policy in the Middle East under Trump: from our kowtowing to the increasingly fascistic Israeli garrison state to our immoral support for the Saudi perpetrators and enablers of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the President's blindness has us on a collision course with reality that could very easily end in disaster. The alliance of the world's only two theocracies is one of the most dangerous developments in recent history, and Washington's support for them is sure to drag us into their expansionist designs one way or another. Indeed, we have already been suckered into supporting the horrific Saudi invasion and subjugation of Yemen, where the Islamist theocrats are starving and slaughtering children while the US gives them valuable intelligence (and French special forces are reportedly on the ground).

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